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iPhone 5S Blue Screen Repair

The typical Microsoft Windows blue screen of death is very popular but Apple iPhone also as a similar blue screen for of death but without any letters. The iPhone 5S blue screen of death is usually caused by a bad repair but can appear for some other reasons like water damage and some iPhone 6 […]

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Melbourne Schools Bulk iPad Repairs

We are proud to announce that we are the chosen Apple iPad Repair shop in Melbourne in bulk ipad repairs for Schools, Government Departments and Companies. Since the first beginning of our company that we provide bulk repairs for most of the Government Departments in Australia but soon started to catch attention of the Schools in Melbourne […]

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Computer with Virus. How to fix and prevent it?

A computer virus is a portion of malicious code that can arm your computer, steal personal information or even your your hardware resources to attack other computers and all the computers are possible to infect but the user can prevent it from happening. Most of the people thinks that having an antivirus is enough to […]

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