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iPhone X screen repair, how much does it cost

If you drop your iPhone X, the repair cost will be pretty dear. According to Apple-Au per pop is around $420. and it take up to 3hours if you already have appointment. However the back replacement is really really expensive around $850 (for any other damaged ) So please have back case cover or temper […]

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Water Resistance Feature after the phone has been opened

Anytime that you have cracked screen and your phone originally comes with water resistant feature, will it be still water resistance after repair. Our answer is no – do not let your phone get submerge into water. The water resistance ¬†water ¬†feature is no longer there. Currently all iPhone and Samsung and some other brand […]

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iPhone 6 plus Gray Bar of Death – non responsive touch

Due to faulty designed of the logic board, we are seeing lot of iPhone 6 Plus with no visible physical damaged but unresponsive touch. is that the symptom look like this video   Yes we can help you re-surrect your iPhone 6 plus back to life. An IC touch controller need to replaced from your […]

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