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Broken iPhone Screen Repair Precautions

Apple iPhone Broken Screen Repair Melbourne City

The Apple iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in Australia with focus on iPhone 6 and 5S but nowadays there are already a lot of iphone 7 models too. With so many iphones in Melbourne is expected to have someone dropping their phone once a while ending with a broken screen. iPhones are not like old school indestructible Nokias because they have such a big screen that is exposed to the elements and just waiting for an opportunity to crack. Apple takes care of their customers making sure they use the best materials on the devices that they manufacture but even using a very strong glass formula it is not possible to prevent it from breaking. You probably dropped your phone once or twice or even more times and know the feeling of picking up the phone from the ground wishing to still have a intact screen but if it breaks there is always a solution and for this reason we are writing this article to aware you of some important details when repairing an iPhone in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.

The mobile phone repair industry is not new like many people thoughts, it is actually so old as the first mobile phones release in the market because every electronic device needs a repair once a while however they been very strong and reliable until Apple iPhone came out in January 9, 2007 (10 years ago) because since then all the competitors started to produce mobile phones with big screens like we know them today. The screen is the biggest weakness of a mobile phone because is a very thin glass that covers almost the front of the device what is very easy to break but because the smart phones have so many technologies inside, they are extremely compact and sometimes are not made to be easy to repair because of the nature of being so hard to put all those gadgets together in just one amazing gadget. For this reason, repairing the most sophisticated mobile phone in the world requires a lot of expertise, electronic skills, care, attention and precision. To find all these skills in one place it might take time until you figure out that you have been just throwing money away attempting to repair a device that quickly needs another repair.

There are a lot of dodgy repair shops in Melbourne because people looks on youtube and see someone else replacing a screen on an iPhone so they think that they can just do it as well but watching videos on youtube is not the same as being high qualified technician with the right skills to accomplish a proper repair. But how do you know where to repair or where not to repair your iphone in Melbourne? Well the answer is quite simple, you iPhone is a top of the line model so if it is broken the parts for it plus the labour shouldn’t be that cheap because is not just a cheap phone. For this reason, all the shops charging very low prices are not good for sure, because they just use really bad copy parts that fail soon after the repair, do not provide a proper warranty, do not have specialized technicians and possibly do not pay taxes doing everything cash in hand. At CPRepairs Lab we know that the customer looks at the price and we understand that, for this reason we do not have high margins on our products like some competitors. For example, you can have most of the iPhone screens replaced for less than $100 at our shop but some shops charge up to $200 for the same job because they are greedy and want to make the day with just a few repairs and relax for a while between repairs but we are not lazy, we are hard workers!

We care about our customers so we just use good quality parts and our technicians are fully trained to replace iPhone screens in record time. We can replace an iphone 6 screen in 10 minutes or an iphone 5S in 15 minutes, isn’t this amazing? The best part is the price and warranty, we provide 3 months of warranty in each repair so if there is any issue with it, is on us but don’t think you will  need because the number of people coming back to us for warranty is very low and for this reasons most of them just come back to us again in case they break the device again or buy a new one and the worse happen. So be aware of cheap prices and high prices because the right price is in the middle and at CPRepairs Lab shop in Melbourne city we repair Apple iPhones for the best price for many years now so there is no doubt we are the right choice for you and the number one choice in Melbourne City.

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