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Computer Internal Dust Cleaning. When should I do it?

Computer Internal Dust Cleaning

A computer sucks air like a vacuum cleaner every time is turned on and dust is on the air but computers do not have a vacuum dust bag so all the dust in the air is deposited on the electronic components and cooling system.

Because a computer gets hot while in use it requires a cooling system which as one or more fans depending on the power of the machine. A laptop usually has one or two fans but in performance or gaming laptops it can has more.

Any computer needs to be internally cleaned does not matter if it is a compact laptop or a huge workstation with a desktop tower because they all work on the same way sucking fresh air (with dust) to cool down and then blow it out but during this process and depending on the amount of dust in the air and working hours some of it will keep inside forever.

Is you use your machine in a dusty environment is more likely it needs to be cleaned more often than if you use the same machine inside a very clean office with full time working air conditioning that already cleans a lot of dust in the air but even so it will need to be internally cleaned inside one day.

Our recommendation is that if you feel your machine over heating, making a lot of noise from the cooling fan system, slowing down or shutting off without apparent reason it might require an urgent cleaning because is already stuck inside with a lot of dust but if you do not feel any of this it doesn’t mean that you do not need to have it cleaned because it should not be cleaned only in emergency cases, it can be too late!

Please let us know your experiences with this kind of situations and if you need any assistance in having your computer internally cleaned in Melbourne CBD just contact us.

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  1. Susan Bell says:

    My laptop is extremelly hot burning my legs, is it because of internal dust? Thanks

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