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iPhone 6 and 6S screen weakness

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Repair and Temepred Glass Melbourne City

The iPhone 6 and 6S including the plus version have a weakness that was not present in previous models so you must be more careful than before when handling an Apple iPhone 6.

If you look at the iPhone 6 screen edges with attention you will see that they do not have a plastic protecting edge anymore like iPhone 5 so if you drop the iPhone faced down it is more likely to break because there isn’t extra protection.

The reason why Apple designed the iPhone 6 this way is not known but can be related to the design requirements for producing an amazing device because the missing plastic edge is actually more eye catching than the previous versions.

How can you protect your device from breaking? Well there is no miracle but there are very good protections like cases and tempered glass. Our customer’s feedback in relation to iPhone cases is that the rubber ones are the best and the flip cases usually open in the air while flying into the ground exposing the screen at the moment of impact. The tempered glass usage is a must have on a mobile phone because it adds a strong layer of protection and they are very cheap. For protective accessories for iPhones or iPads just come to our CPRepairs Lab shop in Melbourne City and we will explain everything in detail, also we fit the tempered glass for you because it can be tricky for someone not experienced with it.


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