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Do you have a liquid damage device? Check what to do!

Water damaged mobile phone repair

iPhone water damaged, Rusty inside the logic board

Dropping water or any other liquid over an electronic device is not just danger but also a big damage. Depending on the liquid and amount of time that the device is exposed it may cause more or less damage.

This is a true story that we encounter for an iPhone left on the ground for 3 months and still be able to revive.

The phone has been dropped to ground on the ice ski session, the owner wasn’t able to located it at the time, however when the winter over, the iPhone was handed back to him. At CPRepairs we did a water damaged service for that iPhone it its come out ok despite there was lot of rusty inside .

What you should do straight away:

– Turn it off if possible

– Disconnect the charger (if connected)

– Remove the battery (if possible)

– Dry it with paper tissues –

– Bring it do be properly cleaned

What you should never do:

– Try to turn it on

-Try to connect the charger

– Try to use the device

-When you try to turn the device on, more damaged to the logic board of the phone.

If you do need to have a water damaged device serviced in Melbourne CBD by professional technicians just contact us. Call us now to book your place 0435434724


4 Responses so far.

  1. Catry Flinns says:

    I was about to connect my phone to the charger after putting it in the washing machine when I read this. what a stupid idea to plug the charger. really recommend to read this jif you have a similar situation

  2. Nathan says:

    Just to let you know my phone is still working fine since I been to your shop. I am the boring guy that was asking a lot of questions last thursday. see you guys

  3. Jannett says:

    This tutorial saved my life. I just dropped my iphone into the sink and it gone! I thought it gone forever but a quick search was enough to come across this article. I just did what is recommended been to the shop, they cleaned it and within two hours it was on again with my entire life there. Is amazing what you can do. Thank you very much!

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