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Melbourne Schools Bulk iPad Repairs

30 Apple iPads Bulk Repair

We are proud to announce that we are the chosen Apple iPad Repair shop in Melbourne in bulk ipad repairs for Schools, Government Departments and Companies.

Since the first beginning of our company that we provide bulk repairs for most of the Government Departments in Australia but soon started to catch attention of the Schools in Melbourne and today we are the choice number one for repairing iPads in Melbourne City.

Not just Government Departments and Schools but many Companies including inter state Companies choose us for trusting their beloved iPads for bulk repairs in record time.

If you company is in need of repairing mobile phones, tablets or computers just contact us for a personalised quotation with outstanding prices. Our technicians are fully trained and available to help you giving you advice when needed.

We also do bulk computer upgrades for companies that have dozens of devices and need them to run faster or to reinstall the operating system, install antivirus or upgrade memory and hard drives.

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