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Category Archives: Tips & Tricks

Sony Xperia water proof ability – Be Aware!

Most of the Sony Xperia mobile phones are announced as water proof or water resistant and they actually are but there are a lot of limitations that you must be aware of and if you do not read the terms and conditions your probably didn’t cross your path with someone able to tell you about […]

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iPhone 6 and 6S screen weakness

The iPhone 6 and 6S including the plus version have a weakness that was not present in previous models so you must be more careful than before when handling an Apple iPhone 6. If you look at the iPhone 6 screen edges with attention you will see that they do not have a plastic protecting […]

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Broken iPhone Screen Repair Precautions

The Apple iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in Australia with focus on iPhone 6 and 5S but nowadays there are already a lot of iphone 7 models too. With so many iphones in Melbourne is expected to have someone dropping their phone once a while ending with a broken screen. iPhones are not […]

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