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Android Phone

What is Android Phone ?

Check our interesting Fact . We Repair your Android Phone


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Why using CPRepairsLab

At CPRepairsLab we aiming to offer you the quickest repair for all Android phone at best price and best quality part.

No Fix No Fee Policy

Yes , you heard it right. We are happy to offer a quick trouble-shoot and identify the problem. If your Android device is not popular , we may have to charge minimum fee to cover labor and part

What is Android Phone

Android is Mobile Operating system based on a modified Linux Kernel debuting in 2007.

Android power lot of Mobile Phone and Tablet Device. Currently there are 2 Mobile Operating Systems dominate on the market i.e Android vs iOS 

Android Phone Power Most of the brands such as Google Phone, Samsung Phone, Oppo, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi etc.  iOS on the other hand  is exclusively for iPhone

Google Pixel Phone

The First Google Pixel Phone been released 2016 Focusing Superior Camera the current model of Google Pixel called Google Pixel 5 and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G. But Google started offering actual phone called  Google Nexus One in 2010 and the last line is Google 6P release in 2015.

We cover whole range of  Google Pixel Repair 

Samsung Phone

Samsung offering few different line of phone 

Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note is Flagship model to compete with the  iPhone.Galaxy A Series and Galaxy J Series  is mid range and basic range device 

In 2020 Samsung Galaxy phones took number one spot in sales worldwide.

Huawei Phone

Huawei phones are famous for the Mate and P series. The Mate 30 Pro and P30 Pro is the last model support from Google Android OS. They are losing market share due to the US vs China trade war. 

Oppo Phone

The Brand was launched in 2004 and is one of the top 5 phones manufacturers in the world. Oppo also own One Plus Brand

Oppo F Series – Oppo A Series – Oppo Find Series – Oppo N – Oppo R – Oppo K and Oppo Reno Series

Asus Phone

Asus has ZenPhone, but the most famous is ROG Phone. ROG phone focus on Gamer, the current ROG phone has 144 Mhz Refresh rate screen display. 6.59” AMOLED. Huge 512GB Storage and 128GB RAM Memory

My Data, will it be lost ?

We strongly recommended back up all your valueable data first

We will not be responsible for any data lost.

Tips: Do back up your phone/ smart device if possible.  

The chance of losing data is slim to none from simple repair. 


Liquid Damaged Android Phone Service

We do provide data retrieval from major faults, or from water damaged at a fixed price. Successful rate is 80%. Talk to us now

Android Phone Repairs Melbourne

We take care all smart phone models – However the parts availaibility will be quote before any repairs done.

Brand : Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, Xiaomi, One Plus, Nokia