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Terms and Conditions of Services

Thank you for choosing CPRepairs Lab.

Dear customer, by using our website and services you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions of Services. If for some reason you do not agree with one or more of the points below, you should not use our website and services. CPRepairs Lab is an abbreviation to Computer & Phone Repairs

1 – Terms and Conditions of Services Availability

CPRepairs Lab encourage all our customers to always read our Terms and Conditions before using our services. CPRepairs Lab Terms and Conditions of Services are available online on our main website (www.CPRepairs Lablab.com.au) and on paper at our headquarters. CPRepairs Lab may update its Terms and Conditions of Service anytime without notice.

2 – No Fix No Fee Policy

CPRepairs Lab operates a ‘No Fix No Fee Policy’ what means that we do not charge any fee to our customers when the device is not fixable at all. CPRepairs Lab in some circumstances may do a half repair of the device or have it repaired enough to do a data backup. In this case we may charge half price with a minimum amount of $45 AUD (forty five Australian dollars) per device.

3 – Accepted Devices and Respective Conditions

CPRepairs Lab is able to repair many brands and of high tech models however due to many different devices in the market is not possible to assist all of them. Your device may need to be inspected before quotation or repair. CPRepairs Lab can refuse or cancel to attempt a repair due to not having parts in stock or by suspecting that the customer or other person damaged the entire device or just some parts causing it to do not be in proper conditions to be technically handled. CPRepairs Lab is not partner of any brand that assists what means that can not have all the technical material and tools used to manufacture the devices however will always do its best to repair all the devices in the best conditions giving them back to the customers with a similar or better condition/look as when received. CPRepairs Lab may leave some signs of technical usage outside and inside the device due to the way the devices are manufactured it could be easier or harder to quote/analyze or repair without leaving some scratches, dents, dust, condensation or other signs. CPRepairs Lab always inform the customers when the devices are ready to collect even if not repairable. If the device is not repairable it will be available to collect in similar conditions as received. CPRepairs Lab keeps all the replaced/damaged parts for recycling purposes. If the customer asks for a replaced/damage part to have it, we may do an extra charge as all our final prices are calculated to keep replaced/damaged parts for recycling purposes. CPRepairs Lab do not keep the waterproof ability of devices that are repaired or opened for analysis. If your device is waterproof from factory it will lose this feature.

4 – Data Backup

CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for any data lost. By using our services the customer agrees to be responsible for having an updated backup of his data including settings, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, messages, emails, notes, logs, images, movies, songs, ringtones, screensavers, games, databases, programs, applications, databases, signatures, downloads, ebooks , scripts, and other important files for the customer. CPRepairs Lab encourage all customers to have an updated device as the electronics can stop working at anytime for many reasons making it impossible to recover any file. CPRepairs Lab may charge for any backup service made to keep customer data.

5 – Payments and Refunds

CPRepairs Lab notifies all customers by text/voice message, phone call or email when finish the proposed repair even if not fixable. The customer has 30 (thirty) days after notification to collect the device. After the 30 (thirty) days period we may charge $20 AUD (twenty Australian Dollars) per each week as storage fee. 90 (ninety) days passed from the notification day the device will be considered abandoned and become legal property of CPRepair to be used for parts, tests or resell. Any data present in the device will be deleted. All the payments should be done before or at the moment of collecting the devices by paying cash, credit card over the phone, credit/debit card(VISA or MasterCard) at our headquarters, Bank Transfer or Paypal. Cheques are not accepted. If for some reason the customer do not pay in time (after collecting the device) we may charge $30 AUD(thirty Australian Dollars) extra. Any collected device that whose repair payment was not done it will not be accepted for any warranty purposes. CPRepairs Lab may charge all ordered parts for a canceled repair by the customer keeping the parts in its stock. All the unlocks that are not successful due to blocked IMEI/SN devices or wrong carrier provided by the customer are not eligible for refund.

6 – Loan Devices

CPRepairs Lab may loan a device under special conditions. If that occurs the customer is responsible to keep it and respective accessories in perfect working conditions and return them back in the same conditions as received. If not we may do a full or half charge of the market device value depending of the damage occurred or missing devices and or accessories. CPRepairs Lab allows the customer to return the loaned device within 48 (forty eight) hours from the notification of his device availability for collection. Any delay occurred may be charged at $30 AUD (thirty Australian Dollars) a day.

7 – Workmanship

CPRepairs Lab technicians/engineers are technically skilled to repair or attempt a repair of devices that are accepted to be repaired or analyzed however due to the delicate nature of the technical process the customer accepts that we may leave some cosmetic signs after intervention. CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for this and will not be liable to refund, compensate or reimburse for any damage caused even if the repair is not done. CPRepairs Lab provides a large list of repairs however we do not repair parts that are not agreed with the customer so by doing a single repair the customer cannot expect to have the device back fully working when other repairs are needed. CPRepairs Lab does the best to give back the devices in the best looking and working conditions using the best tools and staff that can afford. We work in a clean environment but we do not have a dust free space to prevent devices of having some dust inside especially between the glass/digitizer and LCD. In this cases CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for this and will not be liable to refund, compensate, reimburse, clean or redo the repair. CPRepairs Lab staff may give some advice what is just a personal opinion and do not mean that should be adopted. CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for any action the customer makes in result of receiving some advice from us.

Do not rely on your water resistance devices after repair. Currently technology most manufacturer using glue/gasket to seal your devices. After Repair we wont be able to replicate that sealant.  

8 – Warranty

CPRepairs Lab provides 3 Months warranty on function fails in all repairs except water-damaged devices. The 3 Months warranty start counting from the date and time present on the invoice receipt. CPRepairs Lab do not provide warranty when their warranty stickers are broken, damaged, scratched or covered. CPRepairs Lab provides warranty of the repair only and not of the full device and/or accessories or modifications. CPRepairs Lab do not provide warranty if the device is intervened by a non-CPRepairs Lab authorized person to attempt a repair, remove parts or replace parts during the 3 Months warranty period. CPRepairs Lab do not provide warranty or refund Broken/Damaged parts. If the device has a broken/damaged part the warranty is voided.

9 – Shipping

CPRepairs Lab may charge for any device shipped after being intervened resulting in a successful repair or not. CPRepairs Lab returns back for free the devices received by mail using the normal post services without insurance and just to Australian States. If the customer intends to receive the device back with insurance or to overseas we may charge it aside. CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by couriers before receiving a device or after shipping it back. Any lost device/parcel while in transit is not responsibility of CPRepairs Lab. CPRepairs Lab is not responsible for any delay caused by the courier company.