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iPod Classic Repair in Melbourne

iPod Classic Repair Services in Melbourne

We can fix your iPod Classic on spot 

iPod Classic Audio Jack Repair

Battery Replacement

Charging Port Issue Repair

Earpiece Speaker Issue Repair

Headphone Jack Issue Repair

Power Button Issue Repair

Volume Button Issue Repair

iPod Classic Hard Drive Repairs


128 GB SSD $228
250 GB SSD $298  $278 (promotion code ipodC 2024)
512 GB SSD $398  $378 (promotion code ipodC 2024)
New Back + High Capacity Battery + 128GB SSD $288
1TB SSD Call
Duration 1 days

iPod Classic Audio and Battery Repair

Audio Jack / Hold button $98   $118 (promotion code ipodC 2024)
Battery $98   $88 (promotion codeipodC 2024)
Repair Duration 1hour

iPod Classic MotherBoard Repair

Replacing Charging Port


Replacing Mother board From $225 
Check up Service Fee  $88

iPod Classic Wheel Repair

Got a sticky Wheel and it not work as expected

Let us make it work again

iPod Classic Wheel from $108
iPod Classic Service from $88
Duration 1-4hour

iPod Classic Repair 0435434724

iPod Classic Repair in Melbourne

iPod Classic Repairs in Melbourne

iPod Classic is fixed and repaired by an expert technician at CPRepairsLab . 

General Repair : Audio Jack Port, Battery, Hard Drive upgrade, Charging Port some other repair that we also able to perform such as extract music out from old hard drive and back up .


Quick Tip for iPod Classic SSD hard drive upgrade

5th gen : from 120GB – 500GB

6th gen: only 120GB 

7th gen: from 120GB-1TB . 2TB is possible

How to check what model of my ipod classic 

If you still have serial number of your ipod you can using this website to get all the information 

2nd option is follow instruction on the video and you will get your iPod classic Model Number : MC293ZP or ipod Classic Version 2.04 PC ( this is just example)

Menu – About – Windows 1 (information about number of songs/photos/videos) – Windows 3 (Serial number / Model / Version)

After having those information we can determine what ipod classic we have

iPod Classic Repairs in Melbourne

iPod Classic is fixed and repaired by an expert technician at CPRepairsLab . 

General tips: 

What model of my ipod classic is

Repair Features:

  • 90 days  warranty on all repairs
  • In-house expert technician to troubleshoot iPhone problems
  • iPhone Screen Repair less than 30 minutes, any other repair will be update regularly
  • Reasonable prices – best workmanship
  • Keep customer uptodate of current repair all the time

iPod Classic Hard Drive Repairs in Melbourne:

iPod Classic hard drive repair or upgrade to SSD is very common at CPRepairs.

We can help you to get the 120GB hard drive or 240 GB hard drive SSD in no time

And the last one is iPod Classic Liquid Damaged or Water Damaged

iPod Classic Screen Replacement in Melbourne:

This is very rarely happen, but we do stock your iPod Classic Screen

iPod Classic  Audio Jack Repairs

The Audio Jack need to be repair when there is only 1 channel sound working. 

After the repair your ipod classic should have stereo sound or 2 channel sound.

iPod Classic Repair Appointments:

Walk-in customers are always welcome, our shop at 4 Crossley Street -CBD 3000 – Behind Pellegrini’s Bar. Come and have a chat with us whilst we fix your phone.

Advantage of Appointment

  • Some particular parts may not have spare-part available right away
  • Pre-inspect your iPod Classic and do quick trouble-shoot
  • Allocate right technician for your device

iPod Classic Repair Warranty:

We offer a standard 90 days warranty on most repairs. Sometimes repairs done on your device may not be up to your standard. Please let us know if any problem occurs, we are always happy to attend to it in a timely manner and make it right. However, this warranty does not include a device which has any evidence of physical / impact damage, liquid damage and other human-caused damages

iPod Classic Mail-in Repair Service @ CPRepairsLab

Have no time to drop off your iPod Classic , send it to us. We will diagnose / troubleshoot your iPod Classic. Send you a quote upon repair and then express it back to yours doorstep.

Mail To : CPRepairsLab – 4 Crossley Street – Melbourne- 3000

Why using CPRepairsLab

At CPRepairsLab We focusing on fixing your value iPod classic, especially from 5th Gen to 7th Gen. We stock whole lot goodies part and ready for any repair

Latest SSD Hard Drive

We source the latest SSD hard drive to your iPod Classic and make it bigger, faster. Do you want to have your iPod having 250GB or 500GB is that so cool *.

*It will depend on the Generation of your iPod Classic 

No Fix No Fee Policy

Yes , you heard it right. We are happy to offer a quick trouble-shoot and identify the problem. Unless your iPod Classic run into major fault and we will also offer you a quote before any repair.

Will repairing my iPod void my Apple Warranty?

Most of the iPod Classic manufacture around 2009 so there is no more Apple warranty

My Data, will it be lost ?

We strongly recommended back up/ sync all your valuable song to iTunes

iPod Classic Battery-Audio Jack Repair wont affect your music / data at all


Liquid Damaged iPod Classic Service

We do provide data retrieval from major faults, or from water damaged iPod at a fixed price. Successful rate is 80%. Talk to us now