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iPhone 5S Blue Screen Repair

Apple iPhone 5S Blue Screen Repair Melbourne City

The typical Microsoft Windows blue screen of death is very popular but Apple iPhone also as a similar blue screen for of death but without any letters.

The iPhone 5S blue screen of death is usually caused by a bad repair but can appear for some other reasons like water damage and some iPhone 6 can also present you this screen.

If your iPhone 5S shows a quick blue screen and reboots is more likely it was repaired by someone without the right skills. What was repaired is not actually important because almost every repair requires the device to be opened and here is where the problem starts.

When opening the iPhone 5S for repairing the screen must be disconnected, the connectors are underneath of a small metal shield kept in place with 4 small screws. Those screws are not equal and one of them is smaller than all the others so someone not experienced with this device disassembling can easily mix the screws and when putting them back together if they put a bigger one in the place of the smaller one that screw will make a small hole on de logic board causing a short circuit and then the blue screen of death.

At CPRepairs Lab in Melbourne city we are very experienced in opening these fragile devices so just come to us to have your iPhone 5S screen replaced in Melbourne city for the best price and best quality keeping away of dodgy repairs that can kill your iPhone forever.

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