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Sony Xperia water proof ability – Be Aware!

Sony Xperia Water Damage Repair Melbourne City

Most of the Sony Xperia mobile phones are announced as water proof or water resistant and they actually are but there are a lot of limitations that you must be aware of and if you do not read the terms and conditions your probably didn’t cross your path with someone able to tell you about this.

First of all you cannot use the device under water deeper than 1 to 3 meters depending on the model and with any of them you should not use turned on or while using any of their features like taking pictures. Yes, it is real and SONY had a statement on their website explaining this however they removed it but if you search on the web for that you will find copies of SONY statement. This happened after many customers complained for having their devices refused to be repaired under warranty after being inside water.

Also some of the compact models but not only the compact models been seen for many people with the back cover lifting even if not in contact with water or not dropped a single time. At CPRepairs Lab in Melbourne city we seen that and also repaired many water damaged Sony Xperia mobile phones after their owners taking photos under water.

We have about 80% success rate in repairing water damaged mobile phones in Melbourne city so if you have a water damaged device look at our recommendations article for quick tips on what to do and bring it to us to have it repaired by professionals.

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