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Water Resistance Feature after the phone has been opened

Anytime that you have cracked screen and your phone originally comes with water resistant feature, will it be still water resistance after repair. Our answer is no – do not let your phone get submerge into water. The water resistance  water  feature is no longer there.

Currently all iPhone and Samsung and some other brand advertising that their phone is water resistant. It is true, however they also said under – lab environment testing. There is no warranty for water damaged device

The fact is, most of the device has special gasket / glue to frame. once it removed no one can guarantee

In order to open the device these glue / gasket will be removed to do the repair job.

So do not submerge your device under water after any repair.

It also true that the water resistant feature will be reduced (even the phone never been opened before)  over the time because of heat, dust and pressure.

In conclusion this a few screen shot from famous forum of people already have problem try to sub-merge their phone after repair