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iPad 2018 iPad 6th Gen Repairs Screen in Melbourne

iPad 2018 iPad 6th Gen Repairs

Model: A1893, A1954

Year Introduced : 2018

Storage:  32GB – 128GB

Colors: White or Black Front Bezel

Screen Size: 9.7″ LCD

iPad glass / Touch Digitiser Repair

$149          Duration 2hours-4hours

iPad 6th Screen and LCD Repair

$249         Duration 2hours-4hours

iPad 6th Charger Port

$249     Duration 2-4 days

iPad 6th Home Button Repair

$95     duration 2 – 4 hours

iPad 6th Battery Replacement

$175     Duration: 1 – 2 days

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iPad 6th HeadPhone Jack Repair

$175     Duration:1-4days

iPad 6th Loud / Bottom Speaker Repair

$175    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 6th Top / Ear Speaker Repair

$175    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 6th Microphone Repair

$175    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 6th Power / Volume Button Repair

$275    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 6th Back / Rear Camera

$175     Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 6th Glass for Back Camera Repair

$75     Duration: 1-2 hours

iPad 6th WiFi - Bluetooth Connection

$275     Duration: 1-4 days

iPad 6th Back Housing Replacement

$275     Duration: 1-4 days

Data Retrieval Quote

$     Duration: 1 day

iPad 6th Liquid Damaged Service

$0 Free Quote     Duration: 1 day

iPad 6th Insurance Quote

$90     Duration: 1 day

iPad Repair Melbourne

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CPRepairsLab – 4 Crossley Street – Melbourne CBD 3000





iPad Repair Now

Why using CPRepairsLab

Our job is  fixing your iPad at the best workmanship  and minimum downtime. We are able to do it quickly and properly to get your iPad back in no time.  iPad 2018 Repair required high skill technician to adjust the home button right. 

How good is your repair

Most important of the repair is remove broken glass, flattening the housing if any bend and adjust the home button, then apply the right amount of glue to stick it to the housing. If your housing bend too much the repair may not as good as original unless we replace the housing.

No Fix No Fee Policy

Yes , you heard it right. We are happy to offer a quick trouble-shoot and identify the problem. Unless your iPad 2018 run into major fault and we will also let you know how much it will be to repair

Will repairing my iPad void my Apple Warranty?

If your iPad has been smashed, your Apple warranty is automatically voided. Check with Apple here Manufacture warranty will only cover for faults in the product.

My Data, will it be lost

Short answer is No. We always try to keep your data as what it is unless there is a major fault with your iPad 2018. We will not be responsible for any data lost.

The chance of losing data is slim to none from simple repair. Unless there is major fault internally of your iPad

Tips: Do back up your iPad/ smart device if possible.  Your data is priceless

Data Retrieval, Liquid Damaged Phone Service

We do provide data retrieval from major faults, or from water damaged iPad at a fixed price. Successful rate is 80%.