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iPad 8th- 2020

iPad 8th Repair List 

Model: A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430 on iPad 8th generation Wi-Fi + Cellular

Year Introduced : 2020

Storage:  32GB – 128GB

Colors: White or Black Front Bezel

iPad 8 Screen Repair - Glass only

$195          Duration 2hours-4hours

iPad 8 Screen and LCD Repair

$295          Duration 2hours-4hours

iPad 8 Charger Port

$275     Duration 2-4 days

iPad 8 Home Button Repair

$125     duration 2 – 4 hours

iPad 8 Battery Replacement

$275     Duration: 1 – 2 days

iPad 8 Repair 0435434724

iPad 8 HeadPhone Jack Repair

From $75

iPad 8 Loud / Bottom Repair

$175    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 8 Top / Ear Speaker

$175    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 8 Microphone

$275    Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 8 Power / Volume Button

$275    Duration 2-4 hours

Back / Rear Camera

$275     Duration 2-4 hours

iPad 8 Glass for Back Camera

$75     Duration: 1-2 hours

iPad 8 WiFi - Bluetooth Connection

$275     Duration: 2-4 hours

iPad 8 Back Housing Replacement

$275     Duration: 1 day

Data Retrieval Quote

$     Duration: 1 day

iPad 8 Liquid Damaged Service

$275     Duration: 1 day

iPad 8 Insurance Quote

$65     Duration: 1 day

iPad 8th Gen –  Repair Service List

We can fix your iPad 8th Gen screen on spot – 2-4 hour turn around

  • iPad 8th Gen  Screen Repair
  • iPad 8th Gen Battery Replacement
  • Charging Port Issue Repair
  • Front Camera Issue Repair
  • Back Camera Issue Repair
  • Earpiece Speaker Issue Repair
  • Headphone Jack Issue Repair
  • Loud Speaker Issue Repair
  • Power Button Issue Repair
  • Volume Button Issue Repair
  • Back Glass Replacement

iPad 8th Gen Repair Appointments:

Walk-in customers are always welcome, our shop at 4 Crossley Street -CBD 3000 – Behind Pellegrini’s Bar. Come and have a chat with us whilst we fix your phone.

Advantage of Appointment

  • Some particular model may not have spare-part available right away
  • Pre-inspect your device and do quick trouble-shoot
  • Allocate right technician for your device

iPad 8th Gen Repair Warranty:

We offer a standard 90 days warranty on most repairs. Sometimes repairs done on your device may not be up to your standard. Please let us know if any problem occurs, we are always happy to attend to it in a timely manner and make it right. However, this warranty does not include a device which has any evidence of physical / impact damage, liquid damage and other human-caused damages


iPad 8th Mail-in Repair Service @ CPRepairsLab

Have no time to drop off your phone, send it to us. We will diagnose / troubleshoot your iPad 8th Gen . Send you a quote upon repair and then express it back to yours doorstep.

Mail To : CPRepairsLab – 4 Crossley Street – Melbourne- 3000

How to Care for your iPad

From a protection point of view, Ipad 8th Gen should be in the padded case but the 10.2” LCD Screen will be big for some people. Remember the iPad self weight around 500 grams.

Using Right Wall Charger : the iPad 8th required at least 18W wall charger, using anything less power will damaged your iPad.

Extend your iPad Battery Life: Never let your battery running too low (under 20%) It will really shorten your battery life quicker

According to Apple the iPad 8th Gen capable of 10 hours running with 32.4Wh LiPo battery 

But in case if you damaged your iPad, CPRepairsLab is able to fix iPad 8th Gen 2020 repair within a day.

iPad 8 Repair 0435434724