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iPhone 8 Repair Service List Price

Model A1863, A1905, and A1906

Year Introduced : 2017

Storage:  64GB – 128GB – 256GB

Color: Space Gray, Gold,  and Silver

iPhone 8 Screen Repair is only 30 minute.

iPhone 8 Repairs List


iPhone 8 Screen and Display OEM

$129     Duration: 30 minute

iPhone 8 AfterMarket Screen Repair

$89         30 minutes

iPhone 8 Repair Screen - Glass only

$79        Duration 30 minutes

iPhone 8 Charging Port Replacement

$90     Duration 2-4 hours

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

$75    Duration:  2-4 hours

iPhone 8 Repair Back Camera Lens

$75     Duration 0.5-2hours

iPhone 8 Home Button Replacement

$90     duration 15 minute

iPhone 8 Loud / Bottom Speaker Repair

$90    Duration 30 minute

iPhone 8 Repair Top / Ear Speaker

$75    Duration 30 minute

iPhone 8 Repair Microphone

$90    Duration 2-4 hours

iPhone 8 Power / Volume Button Repair

$110    Duration 2-4 hours

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iPhone 8 Back / Rear Camera Repair

$110     Duration 30 minute

iPhone 8 Repair Back Glass with Bezel

$165     Duration: 2-4 hours . New Housing / Bezel

iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair only

$105     Duration: 2-4 days

Data Retrieval Quote

$Free Quote –  Duration: 1-4 days

iPhone 8 Liquid Damaged Service

$90     Duration: 1-4 hours

iPhone 8 Insurance Quote - Trouble Shoot Service

$90     Duration: 1-4 hours 

Why using CPRepairsLab

Our job is  fixing your iPhones at the best price and minimum downtime. We are able to do it quickly and properly to get your phone back in no time. Most common iPhone Repair is screen replacement, charging port or new battery. We also provide LogicBoard Repair

OEM Screen Vs Aftermarket


  • Cost
  • Brightness
  • Colour Tone and Vibrancy
  • Glass Quality
  • Thickness
  • Touch Sensitive

Both functions will do the same job but it will be difference according to user preference (i.e Cost vs Quality)

No Fix No Fee Policy

Yes , you heard it right. We are happy to offer a quick trouble-shoot and identify the problem. Unless your phone run into major fault and we will also let you know how much it will be to repair

Will repairing my iPhone void my Apple Warranty?

If your iPhone has been damaged, your Apple warranty is automatically voided. Manufacture warranty will only cover for faults in the product. If you do book an appointment at an Apple genius bar, they will assess the damages and you will be charged accordingly. Authorised Apple screen replacements can range from $290 to $500 and for any additional damage, prices are between $300 and $900. If you have AppleCare, screen repair prices for all models is $49 and for additional damage $149. Turnaround times and bookings by Apple can vary wildly. From a few hours up to a week, and any information stored on the device could be lost in the repairing process. If you wish to choose Apple for repairing services, but need data recovered from the phone, contact us for iPhone data recovery services.

My Data, will it be lost

Short answer is No. We always try to keep your data as what it is unless there is a major fault with your phone. We will not be responsible for any data lost.

The chance of losing data is slim to none from simple repair. Unless there is major fault internally of your phone

Tips: Do back up your phone/ smart device if possible.  Your data is priceless

Data Retrieval, Liquid Damaged Phone Service

We do provide data retrieval from major faults, or from water damaged phone at a fixed price. Successful rate is 80%.