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MacBook Pro Screen Repairs

At CPRepairsLab we cover the whole range of MacBook Screen Replacement from 2013-2021 Model.

Our Repair base on best turn around time and best quality replacement part.

Your MacBook Pro Screen Repairs will be done within couple of hours. Express Service is our priority to fix your MacBook

MacBook Pro Screen Repairs

MacBook Pro Screen Repairs Price List  13″

This is a guide for price list, please check with us for latest price and color available. This price included new MacBook Screen Replacement and Labour.

Model Number: A1502  – EMC 2678

Model ID: MacBook Pro 11.1

Colour: Silver

Price: from $ 495

Model Number: A1502  – EMC 2835 – 2875

Model ID: MacBook Pro 11.1

Colour:  Silver

Price: from $650

Model Number: A1706 -1708   – EMC 2978 – 3164

Model ID: MacBook Pro 13.1

Colour: Grey , Silver

Price: $780

Model Number: A1989  – EMC 3214 – 3258

Model ID: MacBook Pro 15.2

Colour: Grey , Silver

Price: $790

Model Number: A2159  – EMC 3301

Model ID: MacBook Pro 15.4

Colour: Grey , Silver

Price: $800

Model: A2289 – A2251

Model Name : MacBook Pro 16.3

EMC: 3456

Colour : Grey or Silver

Price : $800

Model Number: A2338  – EMC 3578

Model ID: MacBook Pro 17.1

Colour: Grey , Silver

Price: $850

MacBook Pro Screen Repairs List 15″

Call us for latest pricing

Call us for latest pricing

Call us for latest pricing

At CPRepairsLab we also provide other service for your MacBook Pro such as battery replacement, data retrieval, hard drive upgrade

This sample video is our procedure of how to replace your MacBook Pro Screen