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Samsung S20 Repair

Screen Repairs for Samsung Galaxy

Samsung S20 Repair in Melbourne

Model: Samsung S20 – SM-G980F

Service Pack Samsung S20 Screen

Original Service Pack  $435

Reglass - Grade B Screen

Used / Grade B / Reglass Screen   from $245

S20 G980F Battery Replacement

Genuine Battery $110

Samsung S20 Charging Port Service

Repair or Service Charger Port from $90

Back Glass Replacement


Water Damaged / Trouble Shoot $0

$0 No Fix No Fee – Free Quote

Back Camera Replacement


Express Repairs 0435434724

Samsung S20 repair in Melbourne

Samsung S20 Repair in Melbourne

Express Screen Repair 1 hour repair

Got a broken Samsung S20- 980F and the glass or OLED screen is shattered? We can fix today – We offer 1 hour screen replacement / Call us now to arrange your time. Our Samsung expert technicians use the best quality Samsung Service pack displays. Our Samsung Galaxy repair centres are located in Melbourne CBD Near Parliament Station

If your display is not broken but you either see nothing displayed on the screen (still here noises and the phone is on) then it’s likely your LCD / OLED is damaged. When we replace the screen on your Samsung S20 980F, we replace the whole display assembly –  frame, OLED and glass as one part. We choose to only use the best and original Samsung Galaxy Screen Service pack display. 

Budget Option

Used or B Grade Samsung S20 Screen Repair

We do provide a cheaper option of Galaxy Screen Repair if it’s available. Either grade B screen or Re-glass option (your old screen must have no bullet damaged or splashed damaged ). It will depend on the stock available at the time of booking. All functions of your Samsung screen is about the same quality as brand new but cosmetic may not as good as new one

Samsung S20 Repair in Melbourne 

  • Express Samsung S20 Screen Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Port Issue Repair
  • Front Camera Issue Repair
  • Back Camera Issue Repair
  • Back Glass Broken Repair
  • Headdevice Jack Issue Repair
  • Loud Speaker Issue Repair
  • Power Button Issue Repair
  • Volume Button Issue Repair

Why do you need to replace your Samsung Screen

  • Have no Sign of display but machine still making sound when turn on – off
  • Flashing and Flickering Screen , Fuzzy Display
  • There is Green light running along the screen
  • Non-responsive touchscreen
  • Cracked screen with Scatter Glass or Bullet Damaged

Fastest Turnaround Time for Samsung S20 G980F  Screen Repairs

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair can be done in 1 hour at our Melbourne CBD workshop

Galaxy Samsung S20 Water resistance feature still good after repair ? 

Our straight answer is No. Any abused / damaged / Repaired to your phone will reduce that ability. Even we try to use original glue / adhesive to seal your phone back.

According to IFixit.comYour Phone is not Waterproof, no matter what the maker says” 

What makes your phone waterproof is usually glue. Adhesive creates a watertight gasket around the buttons, ports, speakers, and other parts of your phone exposed to water and air. When your phone is brand new and nobody has abused it yet, it actually can survive an immersion in water—maybe up to 8 hours in an aquarium.

 Repair Features

  • 90 days  warranty on all repairs
  • In-house expert technician to troubleshoot your device
  • Extra care for re-seal your phone.
  • Reasonable prices – best workmanship

Appointments – Samsung Screen Repair in Melbourne 

Walk-in customers are always welcome, our shop at 4 Crossley Street – CBD 3000 – Behind Pellegrini’s Bar. Come and have a chat with us whilst we fix your device.


Advantage of Appointment

  • Some particular device model may not have spare-part available right away
  • Pre-inspect your device and do quick trouble-shoot
  • Allocate right technician for your device


We offer a standard 90 days warranty on most repairs. Sometimes repairs done on your device may not be up to your standard. Please let us know if any problem occurs, we are always happy to attend to it in a timely manner and make it right. However, this warranty does not include a device which has any evidence of physical / impact damage, liquid damage and other human-caused damages

After Repair Care

CPRepairs Lab always cares for our customers, How to prevent the next fall at minimum impact.

Have you tried to use the Gel-Protection Film Pro.  

We  offer a wide range of Screen Protector / Tempered Glass or Heavy Duty Case to prevent the next unfortunate cracked screen. 

Samsung Screen Replacement Melbourne – Mail-in Service

Have no time to drop off your device, send it to us. We will diagnose / troubleshoot your device,  send you a quote upon repair and then express it back to yours doorstep.


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