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Surface PRO 4 Screen Replacement

Surface Pro 4 Repairs Melbourne

Model A1724

Screen Repairs


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Surface Pro Screen Replacement

Surface PRO 4 Screen Replacement

Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement Melbourne CBD

Broken Microsoft Surface Laptop screens are a very common problem. You are not alone, we repair a lot of broken screens everyday. Sporting a huge display and the glass is very fragile. Accident is waiting to happens

Our Expert technicians are well-trained for such repair, most Microsoft Surface  Screen Repairs can be done within 6 hours.

Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement Melbourne CBD

Data stay with your Microsoft Surface Laptop 

The Most important thing is your data stay with the laptop, We will try to preserve all data inside your Microsoft Surface Laptop.

We do not ask you to do any factory reset or wipe data, simply we replace your broken screen with a new one. 

Got a cracked Microsoft Surface Laptop and the glass or LCD screen is shattered? We can fix today – We offer standard 8 hour screen replacement from $349. Our Laptop expert technicians will make your Laptop back to normal again  

If your display is not broken but you either see nothing display on the screen (still here noises and the device is on) then it’s likely your LCD / is damaged. When we replace the screen on your Microsoft Surface Laptop, we replace the whole display assembly – 

CPRepairsLab carry a huge range of Microsoft Surface Pro , Microsoft Book and Microsoft Surface laptop screen. Get it done today 

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Range can be found here

Surface Pro 4 Repairs List 

  • Microsoft Surface Screen Repairs 
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Port Issue Repair
  • Front Camera Issue Repair
  • Back Camera Issue Repair
  • Earpiece Speaker Issue Repair
  • Headdevice Jack Issue Repair
  • Loud Speaker Issue Repair
  • Power Button Issue Repair
  • Volume Button Issue Repair


Why do you need to replace your Microsoft Surface Pro Screen

  • Have no Sign of display but machine still making sound when turn on – off
  • Flashing and Flickering Screen , Fuzzy Display
  • Unable to use Microsoft Surface Pro Pen – not registered
  • Non-responsive touchscreen
  •  Cracked screen

Fastest Turnaround Time for Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Replacement

Most of Microsoft Screen Repair required 2 hour for express service or up to 8 hours for normal repairs. Within one day you will get your Microsoft Surface Pro back. We are confident to get your laptop back on time. 


Surface Pro 4 Replacement Melbourne CBD

According to iFixit.com the surface pro has score 1/10  (Most difficult repair)

All Repair required removing the display assembly which is stubbornly glued in place, expensive and prone to shattering. 

Repair Features:

  • 90 days  warranty on all repairs
  • In-house expert technician to troubleshoot your device
  • Extra care for bend housing
  • Reasonable prices – best workmanship

Appointments – Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Repairs Melbourne CBD

Walk-in customers are always welcome, our shop at 4 Crossley Street -CBD 3000 – Behind Pellegrini’s Bar. Come and have a chat with us whilst we fix your device.

Advantage of Appointment

  • Some particular device model may not have spare-part available right away
  • Pre-inspect your device and do quick trouble-shoot
  • Allocate right technician for your device


We offer a standard 90 days warranty on most repairs. Sometimes repairs done on your device may not be up to your standard. Please let us know if any problem occurs, we are always happy to attend to it in a timely manner and make it right. However, this warranty does not include a device which has any evidence of physical / impact damage, liquid damage and other human-caused damages

After Repair Care

CPRepairs Lab always cares for our customers, How to prevent the next fall at minimum impact.

talk to our friendly staff about getting a protective case or having a tempered glass for your front screen. 

We  offer a wide range of Screen Protector / Tempered Glass or Heavy Duty Case to prevent the next unfortunate break. 


Microsoft Surface Repairs Melbourne CBD- Mail-in Service

Have no time to drop off your device, send it to us. We will diagnose / troubleshoot your device,  send you a quote upon repair and then express it back to yours doorstep.

To make sure this is the right model of your Microsoft Laptop we can double check from here