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The most common Phone Repair

Screen Repair or Screen Replacement

The most up to date device from Samsung is S22 Ultra and it sport an 6.8″ Screen 

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro max is 6.7″ – and Google Pixel 6 Pro is 6.7″ 

Accidental drop the phone is always can damaged the phone screen and disable the phone


When should have your Phone Repair

The damaged on your glass / screen may not affect to the use of phone or it can instantly stop the screen working from unable to Touch or having bleaking ink which mean you wont be able to see it or to touch the screen. 

Back up your phone is always a good option to protect valuable data inside ( Text –  SMS – Picture – Contact Book)

What you need to know to get your Phone Repair

Brand of the device – Model Name – Model Number

Apple – iPhone 13 Pro Max – A2484 /A2461 or NLL63ZP/A

 Why should i care about those model name and number

Take Google for example they have 3 model per years say in 2019 Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL been introduced then in 2020 they offer Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A 5G – 100% we have to get the right part number to get the job done.

How hard to repair phone screen DIY

From Easiest to hardest scale – current model phone

OppoSamsung iPhoneGoogle PixelAsus Rog 

The design for most of the phone now is not easy to remove the screen, you need to learn skill how to remove strong adhesive and re-apply the phone screen. Check this youtube to see how we do it

Battery Replacement

Most Phone running on battery. Battery is consumable part and it will degrade over the time. When your phone is new they can hold charge over a day , as time pass-by the battery can hold charge for a couple of hour.

Factor that need to consider when replacing the battery

Percentage of Battery vs new one – if your Phone has 70% capacity vs new one then it really need a replacement

Battery Cycle Count : for example iPhone normally has a cycle count of 600 then the messagge “Battery needs Service”. will appear

How to prolong the battery life :  Never depleted the Lithium battery as it will damaged the chemical inside the battery

Charging Port Repair

If your phone having problem with charging it may comes from Charging Port. Charging Port normally has wear and tear problem after using for a long time. Another factor that can cause charging port problem is water damaged. Most of the Samsung Phone will appear the message “Charging Port has moisturised” or the Fast Charge function no longer work

Some phone can be repaired quite easily,  some phone will be very hard to repair

How many type of charging port 

iPhone currently using Lightning Port

Most modern Android Phone has USB-C type Charging port .

Some old Android phone has Micro-USB charging port type. 


Phone Repair Buttons

Nowadays phones normally consist of at least 3 button: Power button, Up and Down Volume. Some model also has extra special button like Samsung has BixBy or Sony has Express-Camera Button

Those buttons normally design to outlast the life of the phone . However they can be broken during normal use. 

It will be extreme inconvenience if the power button somehow stuck , we will unable to turn off the phone , or 

Water Damaged

Newer model has good water-resistance rating. However, it never a good idea to use your phone underwater. 

If you think water or liquid did get through the phone the best option bring it to the phone shop and asking for service instantly. 

Water damaged always causing big trouble for the phone. Do not put the device in rice as it wont help to remove the liquid already inside